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Fri 12/6

"What 5 letter word becomes shorter when you add 2 letters?" The answer was short (short + er). So many correct answers, well done all. First Year 5 correct answer was from Mason and first correct Year 6 was from Phoebe.


Here is some of the incredible Titanic work shared so far...

Wake up your mind and body by working out with Joe Wicks live at 9am or workout later in the day. Click below...
Here is a different kind of workout - try it to revise some skills...Relative Clauses Mash-up! Click below..
If you find your Year Group page a little challenging then take a Step or Two Back.
► ENGLISH - writing a newspaper report

Today I would like you to write a newspaper report about the Titanic disaster. If you click here you can see some real newspapers from the actual time it happened.


Click on the link below and do the LEARN section only and then return here.


Let's check you understand:

The key features of a newspaper report:

  • Newspaper name

Write the name of the newspaper at the top of the page.

  • Headline

A headline is an eye-catching title for your story, which summarises the information in just a few words. You should make it eye catching, for exampe by using alliteration.

  • Short subtitle

The subtitle is a short title that gives more information about the report.

Can you identify the key features of a newspaper report and move the labels into the correct position?

  • Pictures

Write a caption beneath your picture to explain what it shows.

  • Conclusion paragraph

Use your conclusion to explain what might happen next.


Writing style in newspaper articles:

  • 5Ws

The first paragraph should contain all of the 5Ws – what, where, when, who and why.

  • Clear paragraphs

Each paragraph should give more detail about the story and be presented in a clear way.

  • Direct and indirect/reported speech

Add the important points about what people have said about the story.

  • Facts

Use facts or statistics to support your points, and avoid using your own opinion.

  • Formal language

Avoid chatty, friendly language in your report as it should be written to inform.

  • Third person

Write in the third person using the names of those involved and pronouns such as ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘they’.

  • Past tense

Write the main part of the report in the past, as the event has already happened!


The information you require to write this report is in the videos on Wednesday - click here and in the text for the reading comprehension yesterday - click here

Write a well-structured, informative newspaper front page story dated the day after the Titanic sank - tell the World the incredible story!

You can write in your book, on the computer (e.g. Word) or use Purple Mash - 2PublishPlus (a newspaper template).

There is a planning sheet below that may help you make sure you include all the features.

► TOPIC - deep oceans and submarines

Just how deep do the oceans go?

Where is the deepest place on Earth?

Does anything live down there?

Can humans go that deep?

Watch the films below to explore the very deepest place on Earth - The Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench.

To explore the deep oceans Scientists have to use submarines. But how do submarines sink and rise again? Watch the film below...


You will need:

  • a large plastic bottle with a lid
  • a straw
  • a 5p piece
  • some tape or an elastic band
  • water
  • (optional blutac)
  • (optional paper clips)


We are going to make what is called a 'Cartesian Diver'. There are a number of tutorials on Youtube. I have put a couple below but also a video of the Cartesian Diver that I made. You may need to adapt and improve until you get it right. Once you have watched the videos and understand how it works you will be able to create your own....

What I Did

  1. I gently folded a length of straw in half
  2. I put a 5p piece between the ends of the straw and taped it in place
  3. I filled the bottle with water and then placed the diver gently into it...making sure it bobbed at the top of the water and didn't sink.
  4. I then slowly topped the water up right to the top of the bottle and put the lid on.
  5. When I squeezed the bottle my diver dived! When I released it it rose again!
Here is the one I made in action....

You could make one using a straw and paper clips...

You could make one using a straw and blutac...

This next video shows you how to make one using a pen lid and blutac but also explains why it works.... just like a submarine!


Listening to someone read a story is a great way to relax and unwind.
We are lucky that, at the moment, we have some fantastic stories being read by famous people and excellent story-tellers that are wonderful to enjoy.

Choose a story from below to listen to. Choose somewhere to relax and enjoy it.

David Walliams is sharing his stories and they are funny...

French Myth: Yesterday I shared an Indian myth with you. Here is a French one to listen to:
Audio Library: Fancy something different? Visit our audio library where you can listen to a *HUGE VARIETY* of books and stories! Find somewhere below and then choose a story to listen to.



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