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TUES 31/3

Hello Year 5 smiley

I hope you and your families are well? Thank you for your ongoing communication and involvement in this and other exciting learning: there are lots of your photos in a slide show on the Year 5 Class Homepage click here

Yesterday included a Design and Make challenge using re-cycled things....see some of your incredibly creative ideas below:


Click to hear

> WAKE UP WORKOUT - live from 9am


Play against someone else in your family:

You have 3 minutes to find two items - use the timer below:

1) The smallest heaviest thing you can find

2) The biggest lightest thing you can find

Who got the smallest heaviest thing?

Who got the biggest lightest thing?

Bonus question: Which is heavier: a kilogram of concrete or a kilogram of marshmallow?

Main Learning

In your folder find the worksheet called Use counting up (Frog) to subtract four-digit numbers from multiples of 100

Watch the teaching tips video below

Click to watch to learn and for help

Remember - with a number line counting up - jump to next 10, then next 100, then next 1000

Remember - with column subtraction we do not want any negative answers in columns

In your exercise book at the Maths end complete these questions.

Show the working out in two ways:

1) A number line and

2) A column method

Your answers should be the same!


Ask a grown-up to check or use the answers below to mark them yourself.


The first ever recording of the human voice was made in 1877 during Victorian times.

I have been recording my voice to share messages with you all at home....just like the one below:

Click to hear my audio recording

So....let's use technology to record a message for our classmates to hear smiley. I will explain how to record them, send them to me and then I will upload them for your friends to hear!

To do this, please talk to a grown-up first.

One easy way to do this is to download a free app onto your phone or tablet. Click on the link below for instructions how to do this for Android Devices and Apple Devices.

You may have other ways to record your voice too....such as using the Voice Recorder on your laptop (Click the Windows icon/Start Button and look for Voice Recorder or Sound Recorder) or on your Fire tablet. (see app store).
I would like you to record an audio clip to share with your classmates, me, Mrs Hall, Mrs Jones, Mrs Wiggins and Mr Crosby. You can just give a hello message; share some news; tell a joke; sing a song - whatever you fancy. Record one or two and when you have one you are happy with then email it to me and I will share it on our webpage smiley

During the Industrial Revolution, Science and Technology went crazy and so many new inventions appeared that changed life forever - many that are still so very important for us today.

Watch the clip below to learn a bit more about these:

Horrible Histories - Victorian Inventions

Click below to play a guess the Victorian invention game with the actors from Hetty Feather on CBBC
For an interesting list of some of the most important inventions click the link below: notice that the first recording of the human voice took place in 1877 - something I hope a lot of you have had a go at in Computing today smiley

On a new page in your exercise book, at the English end, I would like you to either:

1) Create your own invention - draw it and label it. What does your invention do? How does it help you in your life? or...

2) Invent your own app - draw it's logo - draw some screen shots from your app. What does your app do? How does it help you in your life? or...

3) Design your own futuristic transport - draw it and label it. What special features does it have?

Draw neatly - use a ruler for lines - label carefully


Now write a short persuasive advert for your invention - persuade somebody to buy it. Use persuasive language: alliteration, superlatives, exaggeration.

Watch the teaching video below to help you write it.

If you prefer, you can record it: like a radio advert, and email it to me using the skills you learnt in your computing lesson.

Features of a persuasive advert


Find somewhere quiet to relax
and listen to 'Tandy's Tantrums' written by, and read by David Walliams.
Sometime before you go to bed find 10-15 minutes to read a book...somewhere quiet. Record it in your orange Reading Diary.

New Books to Read - Online Library

We have access to a wonderful library of books that you can read online - all free. Please check it out.

Go to Oxford Owl - Click here

Click on My Class login

Enter username: best

Enter password: class

Click on My Bookshelf

You can then browse for books to read online smiley

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