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Wednesday 25th March 2020

A message from Miss Shepherd


  • Today I would like you to complete another comprehension on page 22, it's a non-fiction text all about foxes. Read it through on your own or with an adult helping. Then answer the questions on page 23. Remember to go back to the text to retrieve the answers. 
  • In your exercise draw a picture of a fox , in the middle of the page and not too small. Then use the ruler in your pack to label some of its body parts. Try and do it very neatly.
  • Complete page 5 of the handwriting pack. Be careful with those bs and ds . Make sure your tall letters are tall.


  • Yesterday we recapped on how to add two 2 digit numbers. Today we are going to recap on subtracting a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number. Remember if you can't do it mentally then DRAW TO BE SURE! Look at the reminders below and then complete the questions in your exercise book.




45 - 22 =         56 - 34 =      44 - 24 =       37 - 13 =     62 - 30 =      78 - 28 =  


80 - 10 =       72 - 31 = 

  • Then see if you can complete page 71 in your booklet. This is a maths activity mat with a range of questions to have a go at.

After you have done the Now Press Play activity you can fill in one of the habitat fact files which start on Page 90.  You can choose an animal you already know about , one of the animals mentioned on the Now Press Play activity or find out about a animal that you are interested in.


Remember to continue to read or listen to a story. 


We all loved reading The owl who was afraid of the dark , so below I have recorded myself reading part of the first chapter. Have a listen, can you join in with the repetitive parts?

The owl who was afraid of the dark.

Today's joke

What do you get when you cross a fish with an elephant?

Swimming trunks ! laugh


If anyone wants to e-mail me some jokes to post on the Year 2 page that would be great!

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