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Today is World Book Day - Here is The World Book Day Song.

Listen to the song below , it is very entertaining!

Challenge - How many different book characters are mentioned ?

Can you make a list of some them?

The World Book Day Song by MC Grammar

Year 5 – Thursday 4th March 2021

Morning starter



20 mins independent reading






Art or DT

World Book Day choice

Mental Maths warm up


Reflection with Co ordinates

World Book Day choosing grid.


Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce


Thursday slide

SLSSP - Activity

Challenge -

Paint a potato as a book character or make a junk model prototype of your car.




        ► Mental starter

Mrs Dunford explains the lesson

Blue challenge - complete questions 1 - 3.

Green challenge - complete all questions.

Purple challenge - complete all questions and continue onto the challenge below.




Today is World Book Day!  It is an excellent day to sit back and immerse yourself in your favourite books and authors.  Below you will see a picture and the same file as a sheet of a menu of activities you can complete ranging from book reviews, writing to authors, setting your own comprehension questions to creating imaginary blog pages for a book character.  

Whatever you decide to do, take photos, video, or upload the documents into Seesaw and I look forward to seeing how you are all marking the day.

Remember our whole school event 'The Masked Reader' (instructions for which are in your Seesaw account), can be film today or over the weekend and uploaded so that we can watch them and guess the reader next week when we are all back together.

Mrs Dunford explains the World Book day Menu



World Book Day's 10 Minute Story Sharing: Tom Fletcher

World Book Day's 10 Minute Story Sharing: The Twits by Roald Dahl




► P.E.

After completing part 1 of Kelton's Boxercise class last week, to get your hearts pumping and your adrenaline racing, today, you have part 2.  Enjoy!

Boxing/Boxercise for KS2-Part 2



To carry on the World Book Day theme, I would like you to paint a potato as your favourite book character.  I have put up some pictures as suggestions but Mr Men or Little Miss characters work really well, as do traditional tale and Julia Donaldson characters.  Once painted you can use craft resources to add details such as hats, glasses, scarves etc.  Have a look at the images below for inspiration and watch my video to see if you can guess who my character is.

Mrs Dunford paints her potato

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