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Weds 1st December, 2021

Well - it's 1st December - the first day of advent!

Let the countdown begin!

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Shared reading:

This morning, for your settling in activity, re-read Chapter 1 of Goodnight Mister Tom as we will be taking today's writing from this chapter.


You have read several chapters of Goodnight Mister Tom and have answered reading comprehension questions now to give you a deeper understanding of the text. Now let's start interrogating the text and using some of the ideas and detail in your writing.


Paired discussion task:

Looking at the picture below, discuss what you observe in the picture.

Record this in your fiction writing books. Think about who, what, where, when?

Use your inference skills to answer the questions about the scene.

  • What time period is this scene from?
  • What evidence did you use to help you?
  • Which clues were the most helpful for each question?
  • Discuss with your partner any authenticating details, such as items in the room and décor
  • What impression do the items give you?
  • Do they help to give us an impression of the era in which the picture is set?
  • Who might live here? (rich or poor) Why?

Good writers use the same authenticating details and clues woven into their writing to 'show, not tell' the reader lots of information about settings in stories.

Use your skimming skills to find details in chapter one that help to give you the reader an idea about time, place and setting and record on the sheet below.

Adult led task:

Ask children to suggest an authenticating detail that could be found in a house in the 1930s, when GNMT is set e.g. a fire - how could you expand to give the reader more information.

Can you include prepositions to tell where it is?  (e.g. In the middle of the wall, facing them, was a fire.)

Can you use adjectives and expanded noun phrases to give more detail about what it is like?

(e.g. In the middle of the wall, facing them, was a wood-burning fire loaded with burning logs.)


Can you use figurative language to extend this further e.g. merrily burning logs.


Paired task: Highlighters ready - look at the sheet below and highlight prepositions and underline expanded noun phrases. After you have found them, discuss with your partner the purpose of each - what information does it tell you the reader?

Individual task:

Read a peer’s work and find sentences that effectively 'show not tell 'details of the setting.

E.g. a sentence that gives authenticating details; a sentence that gives an indication of the wealth of the owner; an indication of how pleasant the house would be to stay at.


Share good examples with the class and discuss use of expanded noun phrases and prepositions.

It's break time!

Have 20 minutes of exercise, fresh air, relaxation and a snack if you have one.

Go to the toilet, wash your hands and then return ready to learn.


It's the day for all sorts of calendars!

Join in with the maths calendar - a question a day!

Even on the weekend! surprise


Complete as many of the calculations as possible.

See if you can complete a few more each time we try these.


Click below to print off:


It's lunchtime already!

I hope you are having something healthy, nutritious and tasty!


Stop, Drop and Read for 30 minutes.

30 minutes of reading by an adult: demonstrating good practice and modelling fluency, pace and expression.  Read the next chapters of our class novel: Goodnight Mister Tom.

Click on the link for an online e-version of the book, if required.

This afternoon you are going to begin to design and create your island in your project group of 5 pupils.

This was first mentioned last week and then again at the beginning of this week.

By now you should have been put into groups, decided on each person's job and written a list of the resources you think you will need for your groups island and 3 lighthouses - to match the detail in the story Mrs Price read to you on Monday: The Lighthouse Keeper's Son.


If you do not have 3 tubes per group; for the lighthouses, you will need to think about how to make the required shape, sturdy enough to get your hand into, or to drop a circuit into.

What paint colours, sand, card etc do you need for the hut and the rest of the island?


Resource Manager - you will need to collect these resources together for your group.

Architect/designer - you will need to work with other members of your group and agree the design of the island and where the 3 lighthouses need to be placed. Get sketching your plan.

Artists and builders, you need to think about how and where you are going to use your skills etc. Think about stability, function and use - how are you going to join and secure objects needed?

Electrician - you need to collect the circuit equipment required and build your circuit ready to put into the lighthouses. You may not need this just yet, so can you assist someone else?

Everyone needs to be active and busy at all times - collaborate!


Photographer - you will need to move around all of the groups and take photographs at different stages of this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon.


Today you need to make a start AS A TEAM - everybody needs to be busy.

This will be finished tomorrow afternoon.

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