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Wednesday 26th January 2022


Flashback: maths starters - to get your brain number smart, maths smart!


To print off, if needed:


We have looked at converting fractions to decimals recently - now we are going to learn a little more about converting fractions to percentages! Pupils in class were red hot (no fever though! surprise) yesterday with converting fractions to decimals and some percentages. I was so impressed with the strongest, swiftest responses and engagement, with lots of pounce and bounce questions from me... I'm just too kind Y6, just too kind! wink


Complete the task below.

Represent all the values in as many different ways/equivalents as you can think of.

Don't forget you can simplify and expand when finding equivalents. 


It's break time!

Have 20 minutes of exercise, fresh air, relaxation and a snack if you have one.

Go to the toilet, wash your hands and then return ready to learn.



20 - 30 minutes of reading by an adult, or to an adult: demonstrating good practice and modelling fluency, pace and expression - a book of your choice. What about some poetry for a change?


The Highwayman

by Alfred Noyes




Today we are starting our next text which will drive our reading, writing and some of our GPS learning.

Wednesday is our reading comprehension and reciprocal reading day (with shared texts).


  • What are your first impressions of the image above?
  • What information can we deduce from an image - what does it tell us?
  • Can we use inferential skills? What is inferred in the image?
  • List your observations and then justify your thoughts and opinions.
  • Tell me the what (you know), where (it tells you this) and the how (you know this).
  • When and where do you think this classic text is set?

READING: the text

Today we have a poem called The Highwayman to read. There is some unusual vocabulary in parts. Today we are going to clarify definitions of unknown words or phrases and unpick the text.

Can you create a dictionary sheet or slideshow about the words and phrases you explore?

You can present them on paper, a mini-booklet/dictionary or a slideshow/PowerPoint.


Read Part I below:

It's lunchtime already!
I hope you are having something healthy, nutritious and tasty!

This afternoon, as part of our RE and PSHE work we have linked with another school in Leicester. (More details to follow at a later date). As part of our linking program, there are several activities we will all be taking part in. 

The first activity is an introductory activity.

Shortly, we will be receiving some bunting/flags where each child has introduced themselves to you; with details such as names, interests and activities you wish to inform the other school about you - just so they can get to know you.

At a later date we are hoping to carry out a live Zoom/Teams meeting so they we can share our news, see their school and their classroom and get to know the class  a little more.


So, what is inspiring, exciting, unique and interesting about you?

What do you want to share?


Make sure images are clear, not too small, lettering and appearance is bright, attractive and appealing.

Print off the bunting below - just one flag, but you can decorate and complete the front and the back.

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