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Wednesday 19th January 2022

Warm-Up -  5-a-day  - revision of skills:

It's break time!

Have 20 minutes of exercise, fresh air, relaxation and a snack if you have one.

Go to the toilet, wash your hands and then return ready to learn.



Today, let's begin by reading for 20 - 30 minutes - the main text which is driving our written work this week: Shakespeare's Richard III.


Below, please find a pdf version of the first 17 pages.

You will need to read this in order to complete the main task in English today. smiley

Main task:

Today we are looking at creating a story map with some key words and phrases, but mostly pictures and images. These images, which mean something to you, will help to hook your learning and help to re-structure your own short story version of Richard III.


Here are some examples of story maps for various other texts:





You now need to re-read the text pdf above and create your own story map.

Your story map is a bit like a timeline, the sequence and order the events happened.


You don't need an image for every single sentence or every event - just for the the key characters and the key events, a summary. This is so that it jogs your memory about the character descriptions, personalities and the events carried out in the text. It is an aide memoir! (Helps your memory).


In some parts you may wish to write a key phrase, a character name, and in other parts you may wish to draw an image to represent a story fact.

It's lunchtime already!
I hope you are having something healthy, nutritious and tasty!

RSE: Consent

Last we started to talk about consent: the definition, and what it means in society.

We looked at personal boundaries, personal space, respect - both self-respect as well as respect for others.


We talked about how it is ok to say 'no thank you,' to make choices, to change our minds about doing something and this does not mean that we are being unkind.


Below are some discussion cards - we talked about one or two last week.

This week, I would like you to discuss each scenario with a partner/adult at home. 

Discuss the pros and cons of each situation and the best ways to react.


This term Science (classifying) and Computing (branching databases) are connected.

Yes/no questions!

Adults: background information and resources for printing off:

(You don't need to print off the whole booklet)


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