Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Tuesday a.m. 1st Feb 2022


True or False:


It's time for break already - go to the toilet during break, not during the lesson if possible.

Have a healthy snack to eat, if you have one with you today.

Get plenty of fresh air and come back into class ready to learn smiley


First of all, you are going to finish the editing and improving process with your final draft about Richard III. 

  • Use the peer assessed post it note suggestions with ways to edit and improve your first attempts. 
  • Check your skills against the writing criteria grid.


Then, you are going to move onto writing a poem about our recent text-led poetry work about The Highwayman.

Look at the example of the poem you already have in your books. 

  • Use a highlighter to indicate the apt vocabulary and phrases, pertinent to The Highwayman.
  • Can you use the poem to scaffold and frame a poem of your own?
  • Re-tell the poem and events in your own words.
  • Can you include some hyphenated words?  We have been working on this in GPS work.
  • Make sure you include tier 3 vocabulary and specific facts and terminology mentioned in the poem - the words and phrase you have highlighted.
  • This will be your first draft.

Guess what?

It's lunch time!


Go and get some fresh air, exercise and return to class ready for:

  • Art with Mrs Muddimer today
  • PE with Mr Pick

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