Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Tues 29th March 2022

8:40 - 9:15

This morning - please complete your next two arithmetic sheets during registration and then peer or self mark them.


We are going to swap the English and Maths sessions around and start the day with some maths skills and then complete the reading assessment after break until lunchtime.



9:15 - 10:15

Let's continue with the multiplication method - today two and three digit numbers multiplied by two-digit numbers. So, you will need to:

  • use 'zero the hero' and also
  • don't forget you will have two rows of calculations before you can add your total.
  • Remember to include any exchanged amounts in your total!

Adult lesson plan/background information:

Pupil lesson:

  • Record all tasks from ppt in your maths books and then complete the sheet below - stick it into your book.
  • Think about presentation and careful formation of each digit so that your answers are clear and legible.


Challenge and fast finishers:

Please peer mark or self mark and get instant feedback: see which areas of maths you are secure and successful with, and which areas you need to work on - set yourself a mini-target to work on.



It's break time already!

Enjoy the fresh air.

Can you do the daily mile?


Time to move the tables around and put up the screens - a good rehearsal for May!

You are going to complete the Reading Assessment.

Carefully listen to the instructions from your adult.


25%ers - you know who you are - remember you have a little extra time to complete and double check your answers.


All pupils - adults CANNOT read any questions to you today.


Remember to pace yourself - halfway through the time given = halfway through the questions in the booklet.


Remember what '5 minutes remaining' means wink


Read carefully. Includes quotes from the text where possible.

Good luck! blush

Time for lunch!

Enjoy the fresh air - keep active.

Eat up all your lunch and keep hydrated.

This afternoon - you have:

Art/Music with Mrs Hall

1:00 - 2:00


and then PE with Metcalfe Sports Coach.

2:00 - 3:00

School Updates