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Thursday, 7th April 2022

Good Morning Year 6!


8:40 - 9:00 Let's start the day with some GPS quick tasks:

'You do'


Print off for pupils:

Stick in books on the left and complete task on the right hand side of page.

9:00 Register


I think I got my Wednesday English work mixed up with another day this week!

So, today we will do:


9:00 - 9:40 Reciprocal Reading first - as you've evaluated and reflected in the past with E.B.I. that you would like longer to carry this out, so we don't want to run out of time, and then


9:40 - 10:20 the high interest fiction and non-fiction reading comprehension cards


It's break time already!

Eat your fruit snack if you have one.

Get plenty of fresh air and rehydrate.

Make sure you go to the toilet before you start the next session.

10:40 - 12:00 Maths


10:40 - 11:00 Flashback Maths to keep all your maths learning to the forefront of your mind!

How much can you remember?

'You do'


'You do'

Pupil tasks - 4 to a page

Cut and stick into books as a representation to refer to, but show the large one on IWB.



Ratio and Proportion

Information or your adult to discuss with you and demonstrate any information shared that you are unsure of.

Adult led discussion and shared information:

'I do, we do'

'You do'

Pupils questions to solve - independent tasks

Print off several copies for group tables to select questions.

Fast Finishers:

'You do'


Challenge Questions:

'You do'

Time for lunch!

Enjoy the fresh air - keep active.

Eat up all your lunch and keep hydrated.

Class reader: Holes for 20mins


If you did not complete your group booklet about The Grand Canyon and Mexico, now is your last chance to complete your presentation for an audience.

Once this is completed there may be a surprise!

It's linked to Mexico and something I mentioned to you a few weeks ago ... can you remember?


It's linked to 'varying vegetation biomes of Mexico and identify some of its key crops' ???



You will:

  • prepare some Mexican fiesta foods that use Mexican crops

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