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Thursday 4th Nov 2021

Are you ready to learn?

Have you had your breakfast, washed your hands and brushed your teeth?

Go to the bathroom and after that get yourself a drink.

Make sure you have pen and paper, possibly a dictionary to hand if you have one at home, and now do your home register!   Is everybody there? 

Are you ready to learn? 

Let's begin!


Read your current school reading book for 20 minutes or Letters from the Lighthouse (see link further below).

Can you find 4 adverbs words. Use them in 4 skilful sentences of your own.


Continue to read Letters from the Lighthouse: chapter 8 and then complete the questions in the booklet shared previously.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling:

It's break time!

Have 20 minutes of exercise, fresh air, relaxation and a snack if you have one.

Go to the toilet, wash your hands and then return ready to learn.

Long division (3)

It's lunchtime already.

Thursday is thank your adult for caring for you so well day!

History and Geography:


In the war we had countries who joined and support Great Britain - they were called Allies.

The countries who were fighting against use - they were called Axis.

When trying to communicate with our Allies, sending messages was tricky to achieve, so they developed a secret code:


Find out more about Morse Code here:

See if you can crack the code and complete this activity:


Can you decipher this message?

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