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Thursday 28th October 2021

Are you ready to learn?

Have you had your breakfast, washed your hands and brushed your teeth?

Go to the bathroom, and after that get yourself a drink.

Make sure you have pen and paper, possibly a dictionary to hand if you have one at home, and now do your home register!  Is everybody there? wink

Are you ready to learn? blush

Let's begin!


Practise your spelling for 20 minutes on Spelling Frame.

Click here, then click on 'Practise Tests':

Can you then write a sentence using each word in context.

Try to include a planned and deliberate skill in each sentence.


Then, follow the instructions given and answer the questions:

It's break time!

Have 20 minutes of exercise, fresh air, relaxation and a snack if you have one.

Go to the toilet, wash your hands and then return ready to learn.

Flashback Friday Maths revisit:

Let's begin our main maths work: division, building on yesterday's skills.

It's lunchtime already!

I hope you are having something healthy, nutritious and tasty!

Today it's Thirsty Thursday - keep hydrated!

Can you taste and try two things beginning with T?

Our class reading book is: Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll.

You may be able to use Leicestershire Library Service, or use the Borrowbox app to access a copy.


Alternatively, click the link below to read chapters 1-3 today: 


Today we are starting with programming: coding; inputting commands.

In the last lesson, when working with a partner, you took part in the practical learning out on the playground: inputting instructions to your partner who then followed your commands.

You will need to use your login to Purple Mash and click on the 'Logo' icon.

You will find the specific, key terminology, icon images and explanation needed for this area of learning here:

If needed, below are the instructions and reminders of how to use Logo.

There are 4 warm-up activities to complete.

After that, see if you can input instructions to create:

  • basic, regular, 2-D shapes.
  • why not try to create your initials?
  • you might start by inputting single instructions, one at a time, and watch your shape create. If you make errors, consider how you can adjust your instructions.


Challenge: can you input a series of instructions in one go, and then press 'play' to see if it creates your intended shape without any errors? angel

Can you create: a hexagon? How about an octagon? What about a dodecagon? surprise

What is the most complex shape you can create?

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