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One Night of Shakespeare 2020



In partnership with the Shakespeare Schools Festival, Thythorn Field Primary School proudly brings you...


One Night of Shakespeare!


Last year, pupils in Key Stage 2 had the privilege of rehearsing and then performing A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Curve Theatre. It was a hugely enjoyable and successful experience for all involved.


We were very keen to ensure that the children at our school could still engage with Shakespeare's plays this year and have decided to bring you something different: a showcase of a variety of Shakespeare's plays, performed by classes from EYFS to Year 6.


We are the only primary school in the country to have every class in the school involved and we are so excited to share our children's hard work with you.



EYFS ~ Romeo and Juliet

Join us in Verona, Italy, where House Capulet and House Montague are at odds once again...

Year 1 ~ The Tempest


Follow us as we embark on a great adventure to a mystical land across the Mediterranean Sea...

Year 2 ~ Macbeth


One stormy night, on the outskirts of a Scottish battlefield...

Macbeth - Year 2

Year 3 ~ Much Ado About Nothing (made by Year 3 whilst isolating at home!)


Quarrels, trickery and confusion ensue as we travel to the Italian town of Messina...

Year 4 ~ Twelfth Night


Two twins are separated as they are washed up on the shore of an unknown land. Women dress as men and men dress in yellow stockings on the island of Ilyria...

Year 5 ~ A Midsummer Night's Dream


Magical adventures await in the forest outside Athens. Love triangles and mischievous fairies; what could possibly go wrong...?

Year 6 ~ As You Like It


A very famous speech is retold in a new and exciting way; Year 6 take inspiration from a variety of Shakespeare's famous works...


What are people saying about our work tonight?
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I am absolutely astounded by all of the performances; well done to everybody. I am so proud!

Mrs Wills

Outstanding everyone! Thank you Mrs Wills for coordinating this and thank you to all the staff and children for getting involved. Proud to be Thythorn!

Mr Smyton

FANTASTIC!! Watching all of the great Shakespeare performances has made me feel very proud of all of our very talented children. Well done Thythorn!!!

Miss Shepherd

That was really amazing to watch your Shakespeare Shows. Everyone did really good. We are happy that this is our noo school. Thank you!

Laylee-may and Daisy-may

A massive well done to all the children! Especially year 4. Proud to be Thythorn!!

Tracey Barker

Every year group did amazing and the editing was incredible so well done

Abigail M Y6

How fabulous to see such active learning and modern day interpretations of Shakespeare's works. Great exploration and identification of so many characters! It is wonderful to see so many pupils participating and engaging with learning in a different format - such rich comprehension and expressive presentations. Well done everyone!

Ms Hadland

Absolutely amazing work from everyone. Very proud to say I’m part of the Thythorn family. Well done everyone 😀

Mrs Archibald

These were amazing. Well done everyone!

Helen and TJ

Superb! I have so enjoyed watching all our amazing children perform! What a treat for a Friday night, Thythorn - you have created magic! 🎭

Mrs Boyd

Wonderful performances!

Karen Powell via Twitter

The videos are really good. Well done everyone.

Karen Strong via Twitter

Absolutely amazing year 3 considering the circumstances. Well done you xx

Laura Trueman

Well done everyone, I enjoyed watching your Shakespeare videos. All your hard work Paid off, you are amazing!

Mrs Beattie

What fantastic children we have ! Proud to be Thythorn . Well done everyone .

Mrs Podgers

It is lovely to see those great words brought to life, 'All the world's a stage'. Who would have thought that these circumstances would have led to such a wonderful opportunity to showcase the many talents across the school? Everybody has come together and done so well, from those taking part at home, in the classroom and behind the scenes. Bravo!

Suzanne Powell

Thythorn children, you are all amazing! Well done on the superb performances.

Mrs Muddimer

Very proud of my year 5 and of the entire school for such amazing performances. Well done to every one of you.

Mrs Wiggins

Well done all of you.

Mrs Wye

Outstanding editing and everyone was incredible. Well done everyone.

Ryley Y6


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