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Last updated: Mon 24/8/20


The way school will operate during this period will be different from normal.

There will be adjustments and amendments to practice as time goes on, as issues arise and as further guidance is published by the government.

We will keep our web pages up to date with any of these changes.

If at any time you have questions or concerns then do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

Which children can return to or attend school?

All children are expected to return.


Do I have to send my child?

Yes. All children are expected to attend unless they are ill, self-isolating or shielding on medical advice. Our usual attendance policy will apply.


Can my child attend part-time?

Children in Foundation will attend part-time for a brief induction period.

All other children must attend full-time.


Is before School and after School provision available?

Yes, details will follow. It is likely that this may not be fully operational (before and after school) until Monday 7th September.


Will I be penalised if my child does not attend?

COVID related absence: positive test, required self-isolation, medically advised shielding are coded differently on the register and are therefore exceptions to our normal attendance policy.

Any other decision not to send your child will affect their attendance record and our usual attendance policy will apply.


Will my child be able to access online learning if they are unable to attend as they are required to self-isolate or are shielding on medical advice?

Online learning will continue to be provided for all children not attending in such circumstances. Parents/carers will be expected to ensure that their child engages with this and will be supported to do so. It will mirror closely the content and duration of work undertaken in school.


How will the school reduce the risk of contact at the start and end of the school day?

  • The site will operate a one-way system. This will be clearly signed. This MUST be strictly adhered to by all parents/carers.
  • Only one adult is to attend with children.
  • The start times and end times are staggered and MUST be strictly adhered to. Please do not arrive earlier or later than the allotted time. If you arrive early please do not enter the site or approach the gates until your allotted time.

I am dropping/collecting more than one child at different times, what do I do?

If an older child can enter/leave the site safely alone then please encourage that. If this is not possible then either drop the first, follow the one-way system and wait until it is time to drop the second or, to avoid waiting, please drop/collect all your children at the latest time allotted to one of your children and follow the one way system. You must not re-trace your steps against the flow of traffic to go back to another must follow the one-way system and go round the building in an anti-clockwise manner.


I have a child not yet in school. Can I bring them with me to drop a child off?

If there is no-one at home that can look after them then you may bring them with you. Please keep them beside you and do not let them breach social distancing rules.


Can children travel to and from school on their own or enter/leave the site on their own?

Yes. We positively encourage this for Year 5 and Year 6, providing that within the school site they are able to follow all social distancing rules and they understand the arrangements before entering or once they leave the school site


What happens if I arrive late?

Occasionally events happen and lead to an unplanned late arrival. If you arrive later than your allotted time please head straight through the gate following the one way system, keeping social distance from others and head straight to your child's entrance. If the gates are closed take your child to the main reception paying close attention to the health and safety signage.


What happens if people don't follow the rules?

If children are regularly late or parents/carers are not able to follow the measures in place they will be invited in to school to discuss how best we can proceed to ensure the safety of all.


Can I approach the classroom door, come into the cloakroom or speak to the teacher?

Please do not approach the classroom door - send your child in from a safe social distance - staff will be at the door to receive them.

No parents/carers are to enter the cloakroom or classroom.

At the end of the day please wait away from the door and staff will send the children to you.

If you need to speak to the teacher please send your message by email or contact the office by phone. If it is urgent please visit the office observing the signage with regards to health and safety.


My child is very anxious and I need to hand them over to an adult.

If this is the case a member of staff will come out to you. Social distance will be maintained. The adult can take the child by the hand and bring them in (strict hand washing protocols are in place).


Who will be teaching my child and in what room?

Children in school are taught in their year group classes. They will be based in their regular area. Their area will not change.

The staff with your child will be their class teacher, support staff and a lunchtime supervisor.


Will their be visitors in school?

We will limit all visits as much as possible. Any visitors will be pre-arranged and will be visits that are crucial to the running of the school. All visitors will be expected to abide by our risk assessments.


Does my child need to wear school uniform and does it need to be washed more regularly?

Yes, your child does need to wear school uniform.

It does not need to be changed everyday but in the current situation ensuring that it is clean and fresh is important.


Will my child need indoor shoes (plimsolls)?

Yes. We use these to keep our carpets clean.


Will my child need their PE kit?

Yes. Please send it on a Monday and it will go home to be washed on a Friday.


My child has a book bag will they need it?

Your child can bring in their book bag.


Should my child bring a water bottle?


No communal drinks fountains or water dispensers are in operation. Children should bring enough water for the day (including lunch). They can bring more than one bottle. Bottles should be named. Bottles will go home each evening to be washed and refilled.


Can my child bring their mobile phone and leave it with the school office as normal?

No phones can be left with the school office. We would discourage children from bringing mobile phones. If they do need to bring one it must be off when entering the school site and will remain with the child and be their responsibility. School will accept no responsibility for them.


Can my child bring toys or comforters from home?

We would prefer to limit this as much as possible so please only consider this if it is absolutely necessary. These will not be allowed to be shared and will be kept in their bag.


Can my child bring their bike or scooter?

No bikes or scooters are to be brought and the bike shed/scooter store will not be in use.


How will social distancing be managed inside the building?

The children will be taught in their classes. The classes have their own entrance, cloakroom, toilets, sinks and work space. Surplus furniture has been removed to ensure each child can have a space to undertake their learning. Age appropriate signage is present and reminders from staff will happen regularly.

Routines around arrival, home time, movement in school, hand washing and toileting have been established to ensure children are not put into a position where they have to get within 2 metres of another child or adult.

Break times and lunchtimes will happen on a staggered rota so that the children will have plenty of space to play and only with their class.

Given the age of our children we can not guarantee that a child will not get with 2 metres of another child or adult.


How will hygiene be managed inside the school building?

A strict hand washing protocol is in place supported by a full supply of soaps, hand sanitisers, air dryers, disposable paper towels and lidded bins.

Children and adults will wash hands on arrival at school and before going home.

Hands will be washed regularly - including either side of break time and lunchtime.

Resources available to the children will be largely unique to the child and not shared with others.

Routines for the regular and systematic cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and surfaces are in place.


What will lunches be like?

Children in school can continue to order a hot lunch or bring a packed lunch as before. The hot lunch menu will be limited but will be sent out to families in advance.

Children entitled to a free meal will continue to receive one.

In school lunch will be taken in the class area. The lunchtime supervisor is fixed to the class. Strict distancing and hygiene rules are in place.


Where will packed lunches be stored?

Packed lunched will be stored in each class area.

All rubbish will be brought home in the lunch box.

Please ensure it is washed each day.


My child has milk from Cool Milk. Will this continue?

Cool Milk will continue as normal. Distancing and hygiene measures will be in place.


Can my child wear a face mask?

Children are not to wear face masks in school.


Will staff wear PPE?

Staff will not routinely be wearing PPE.

Gloves will be worn to assist the serving of food and drinks, to undertake first aid and to undertake intimate care.

If a child is coughing, sneezing or likely to vomit a member of staff caring for that child may wear a face mask or visor if they have to get within 2 metres and there is any risk to their safety.


What happens if my child is ill?

If your child exhibits any symptoms of coronavirus they are not to come to school. You must access a test and only return your child to school once they have had a negative outcome or have self-isolated for 10 days in line with government guidance.

If your child develops any symptoms at school they will be moved to a safe room in school, looked after and you will be called for immediate collection. The above then applies.


What happens if there is a confirmed case of coronavirus at Thythorn Field?

A confirmed case is one confirmed by a test.

If there is a confirmed case then all children and staff in that child's class will be asked to self isolate for 14 days.


What will the curriculum look like for those in school?

The curriculum will be similar to that prior to this pandemic. Teaching methods will be adapted to support social distancing and hygiene.

Staff will make decisions on curriculum content that support: mental health and well-being and catch-up.


Will my child be able to borrow books?

We wish to limit the number of items travelling between home and school. Books can be borrowed. When they are returned they will go into quarantine for 72 hours and any plastic covers cleaned before returning to the shelves.


Will my child have homework?

They will have some age appropriate homework at the teacher's discretion .


What are the expectations about behaviour and how are other policies affected?

Children will be expected to adhere to all behaviour policies, to work to the best of their ability as usual and the usual rewards and sanctions will be in place.


Click below to read our child friendly adapted behaviour expectations and a social story for younger children...

Can I contact my child's teacher?

Staff are always happy to be contacted however in the current circumstances we would ask that contact is made by email or phone and the lines of contact below are used.


Who are my points of contact?


In School

If your child is in school your contacts are as follows:





Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. Our contacts in school are:

If you believe a child is in immediate danger please phone 999.


If my child is working at home will the school contact me from time to time?

We expect all children working at home to keep in regular contact by email with a nominated staff member (at least once a day). The staff will call from time to time to check how things are going and of course you are welcome to request a call at any time.


Will there be provision during any holidays?

There are no plans for this at the current time.

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