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Home Learning 2020/21

Home learning for any children not at school due to Covid-19 restrictions will appear here.

When accessing the work look out for:

BLUE WORK - back 1 step challenge

GREEN WORK - regular challenge

PURPLE WORK - forward 1 step challenge

These levels of differentiation, for some pieces of learning, will ensure that your child can access teaching and learning that is pitched correctly for them. If you are not sure which colour to do then please email your teacher.


Please ensure you make contact with your teacher each day. Use Seesaw to share your work, message your teacher and receive feedback.

In September 2020, all our classes returned to full-time education following the COVID-19 closure in March 2020 and then entered another period of lockdown from January 2021 until March 2021. Although we hope that the majority of our children will now have an uninterrupted experience, there is the possibility that an individual child, a class bubble, or indeed the whole school, will need to self-isolate for a period of time. We have therefore put in place a plan for remote learning so that all children can continue with their education.

This meets the expectations set out in the DfE guidance ‘Remote Education Support’

The school will use the HOME LEARNING tab on its website for remote learning. On this page will be important information regarding remote learning during absence from school

If a child does not have access to a computer/laptop and/or the internet, the school will do all it can to support children and will provide devices, connections and paper packs of learning. Where funding can be accessed, remote devices (eg, laptops/tablets) and/or 4G connections will be sought, particularly for disadvantaged children. Parents will be reminded to make the school aware of any barriers to accessing remote learning.

You will find below an overview of lessons to be completed each day. On the school website are the specific curriculum expectations set by the class teachers. 

Online home learning will provide learning across the curriculum and children will be expected to spend a similar amount of time completing this as they would spend learning in school.


The Overview.

EYFS / KS1 & KS2

The daily timetables, at an age appropriate level and across a week, will include:

  • A blend of teacher recorded lessons and live sessions
  • Maths – including White Rose Maths and Times Tables Rockstars
  • Reading – including Oxford Owl
  • Writing – including Pobble 365, Literacy Shed, Oak National Academy.
  • Spelling/Phonics – including Oxford Owl
  • Foundation subjects - learning linked to the year group curriculum – including the Oak National Academy.
  • IT – including Purple Mash


The Oak National Academy.

Some ‘teaching content’ will be provided to children through age appropriate video content on the DfE published list of educational resources site: Oak National Academy. This provides the equivalent of 3 hours of lessons per day for primary school children. In their ‘classroom’ each lesson is up to an hour-long. They’re delivered by a teacher, with a pre-recorded video as well as quizzes, worksheets and creative activities. It’s all easy to use, there’s no login or password, and you can access the lessons on any device - pupils only need materials they can find at home.

Providing feedback

Pupils can send any completed work to teachers via Seesaw and will receive feedback.
Alternatively, work that children complete on paper could be kept safe and returned to school when safe to do so.


Contact with pupils/ parents

Parents are able to contact the school via telephone or the staff email addresses. Teachers will send back acknowledgements and feedback if required, as outlined in our Remote Learning Policy. Where a pupil is self-isolating on medical grounds for a significant period of time, contact will be made via telephone/email on an at least weekly basis to monitor learning and provide support if needed.

Pupils identified as vulnerable will be contacted by the SENDCo or ELSA on a weekly basis and support offered as necessary.


The DSLs:

Lead DSL – Mr R Smyton

Deputy DSLs – Ms C Hadland, Mrs E Boyd

are responsible for managing and dealing with all safeguarding matters and concerns whether the children are in school or working at home. Ensuring the safeguarding of pupils when working remotely is paramount. The same diligence will be taken to raising and recording concerns and subsequent actions as if the children were in school. For further information, please see the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy


Data protection

When accessing personal data, all staff members will: Only use their official school email account. Phone-calls home will be made from the school number or, if from a staff member’s own device, the number will be withheld.

Sharing personal data

Staff members are unlikely to need to collect and/or share personal data. However, if it does become necessary, staff are reminded to collect and/or share as little personal data as possible online. All data collection will be compliant with GDPR guidelines.

School Updates