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Friday, 8th April 2022

Good Morning Year 6!


I'm sorry to have missed you this week, but just wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter school holiday - don't eat too many chocolate eggs! laugh

8:40 - 9:00 Please share the text Holes with your partner - it would be lovely to get to the end of the novel today!

9:00 - 9:05 Register


9:05 - 10:20

'I do'

Re-read chapter 9 of the text Holes aloud to the class; demonstrating intonation and expression especially for dialogue.


'We do'

Discuss the purpose of the dialogue – what does this tell you about the characters and the dialogue between them?

  • Why does Stanley lie in his letter?
  • What would he say if he were not trying to protect his mum?


Today you are going to write a letter from Stanley to his Mom, telling her about what has happened since he got to Camp Green Lake.

  • What are the features of a letter?
  • Will this letter be written in a formal or informal tone?
  • Collect initial ideas and expand as necessary.
  • Discuss layout and then language used (informal/emotive/ first person/ past tense).
  • How could you use devices such as rhetorical questions and self-reflection to develop the thoughts of the person writing?


'You do'

Show children resource (a) and allow them time to read the extract.

Ask the children to RAG rate the vocabulary – red for any vocabulary they have not heard before, amber for words they know but can’t give the precise meaning of and green for imaginative vocabulary they understand.

Use dictionaries and group discussion to define any unfamiliar vocabulary as a class.

Analyse the letter as a class using resource (B) to collect examples, highlighting and underlining features and annotating any useful points or language features.

Are there any shifts of formality in the writing?

Does Stanley become more or less informal as he talks about the more disturbing parts of his stay?

Where does he use the subjunctive mood?

Why do you think he does this?

How does he add extra information to his letter?

Why are there so many examples of this?

How are repetition and lists used for emphasis?

Print off 1 for each pupil.

'You do'

If time allows, continue to read Holes - hopefully finishing the text.

It's break time already!

Enjoy the sunshine!

10:40 - 12:00 Maths


10:40 - 11:00 Flashback Maths to keep all your maths learning to the forefront of your mind!

How much can you remember?

If you finish this task quickly (and accurately smiley) please complete your next arithmetic sheet/s.


'You do'

Pupil tasks - 4 to a page

Cut and stick into books as a representation to refer to, but show the large one on IWB.


Self mark as whole class.

'I do, we do'

Adult discussion information shared with pupils.

'You do as a group'

but each person records their thinking and working out in their own books.

Print off several sets for each group table.

'You do individually'

Time for lunch!

Enjoy the fresh air - keep active.

Eat up all your lunch and keep hydrated.

MFL: French

Outdoor  Learning! blush





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