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Friday 29th October 2021

Are you ready to learn?

Have you had your breakfast, washed your hands and brushed your teeth?

Go to the bathroom and after that get yourself a drink.

Make sure you have pen and paper, possibly a dictionary to hand if you have one at home, and now do your home register!  Is everybody there? wink

Are you ready to learn? blush

Let's begin!


Read your current school reading book for 20 minutes, or read chapter 4 and 5 of Letters from the Lighthouse - click here: 

Can you answer these questions from the first few chapters?


  • locate the information
  • where possible, provide a quotation from the text
  • include the correct punctuation we need to use with a quote
  • give detailed and skilful sentences with your answers


Click here: 

It's break time!

Have 20 minutes of exercise, fresh air, relaxation and a snack if you have one.

Go to the toilet, wash your hands and then return ready to learn.

Maths today: continuing with division

It's lunchtime already!

I hope you are having something healthy, nutritious and tasty!

It's Friday - have a treat! surprise

Worldviews and Religions:

Discuss with an adult at home the various reasons why people do/do not believe in God?


Write a 'believers' and 'non-believers' poster. List the reasons you have discussed or researched.

You can add apt images, speech bubbles and illustrate with religious symbols as you wish.


Can you clarify the definition of these three terms:

  • Theist 
  • Agnostic
  • Atheists


You could include this specific terminology, and each definition, on your poster.

PSHE and Citizenship:

Can I understand the rights of children and how they benefit me?


What is the UN Convention on the Rights of Children?

What information can you find out?

Read: If you are unsure, read the information posters here:

Shuffle the discussion cards and place them face down.

Discussion: Take it in turns with your adult to select a card and discuss - make sure you justify your opinion; give reasons for your answers.


Sort and classify the statements into three columns:

  • basic needs
  • safe from harm
  • express themselves


Who do you think is excluded from these rights?

Modern Foreign Languages: French

Login to Language Angels and practise:

  • les nombres et les couleurs
  • les jours et
  • les mois
  • les salutations
  • explore...

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