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Friday 11th December


This is the final week of spellings before the Christmas Holidays, with all the excitement of Christmas and the break coming up, I would like you to spend some time identifying which spellings your child knows and does not know how to spell from the common exception spellings for KS1 and LKS2. 

Find 10 - 15 words they struggle on, find fun ways to practice and see if they can still spell it correctly at the end of the Christmas holidays! 


I've included some suggestions of how you may learn them below with the lists. 

Times tables 

It is really important that we continue to practice our times tables during the Christmas Holidays. 


We also have a battle of a bands competition going on with the other schools in Wigston, we are currently the 8th class across all the schools/KS2 year groups. We are 2nd place for Year 4... I don't know about you, but I'd love to finish in 1st place for Year 4, so log on and rock on! 


Please email me if you need any support logging in. 


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