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Fri 1st April 2022

English Comprehension:

(Missed on Weds due to assessments and also church visit.)

Children complete the next reading comprehension card, self mark, and reflect on successes and areas of weakness. Why did you get that question wrong? How does the answer differ to yours? Can you see why they thought the answer is different to yours?


Pupils can carry out the next HOLES - V.I.P.E.R.S. comprehension if they prefer - or split the lesson half and half. The VIPERS master sheets are on my desk in poly pockets - you'll just need to photocopy quantity required.

Some children may be completing any missed, or incomplete assessment papers throughout this morning.

Rule a line across the paper when they have had their permitted time, but they can continue to the end of the assessment - so we know whether it is a pace issue or a knowledge issue.

It's break time already!

Enjoy the sunshine!


(Missed on Weds due to assessments and also church visit.)

Pupils carry out Reciprocal Reading in their groups.

Adult to punctuate session with directions from observations to keep the group focused and achieving all reading skill roles.

Time for lunch!

Enjoy the fresh air - keep active.

Eat up all your lunch and keep hydrated.

MFL: French

Outdoor Learning! blush



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