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In Summer Term 2, Year 6 will be learning Healthy and Safer Lifestyles: Relationships and Sex Education following the new SRE guidelines. There isn't a requirement to inform parents but I wish to inform you in case your child suddenly begins to talk about the content, using the correct terminology.


Below is an overview of the Y5/6 SRE.

I will teach a combination of the two year groups content as pupils were in lockdown in Year 5.


I have attached a complete copy of the information and lesson content for both Y5 and Y6 - see link below.


I have also attached a document which contains a list of the Science: biology, terminology that the children will experience. Guidance and safeguarding procedures state that we should not use alternative names.


As this term's Y6 Learning Journey states, we will begin with a recap of the Y5/6 puberty content. Y6 will then move onto Relationships and Sex Education content. Some parts will be discussed as a whole class but more personal aspects will be taught in single gender sessions, however they will learn about the development of both genders, not just their own.


Current guidelines state that pupils should ideally learn about puberty and sex education in order to be aware before pupils are experiencing any aspects of body development and changes.


If you wish to know more, please read through the guidance about talking to children about Relationships and Sex Education in the link/s below.

Ms Hadland



Terminology - What Vocabulary Should We Use?

Further Information - Talking with your child about R.S.E.

INFORMATION STICKERS FOR PARENTS - click on the image to enlarge and read


Keeley Parbery, Wigston Academy, Primary Liaison and Induction Lead:


We were so disappointed to have to cancel our Open Evening for the Year 6’s but in the current situation in Oadby & Wigston it really isn’t the right time to allow visitors on site and that will remain for the foreseeable future. I am asking your current teacher to inform you, Year 6, and your parents that there is a lot of information that has been added to the Wigston Academy website on the Induction tab and we will be launching our Virtual Open Evening video very soon. We have set up a new Facebook page just for your year group, as we did last year, and it is WA Class of 2021, and once again there will be lots of updates on there so keeping checking in. 

YEAR 6 - for Wear Something Yellow Day: mental health and well-being day - you can wear non-school uniform and have an item of yellow included e.g. yellow socks, headband, t-shirt, belt or you can wear yellow head-to-toe!



P.E. kit should be brought into school on Monday and taken home for washing on Friday.

P.E. lessons will routinely be on Monday and Thursday afternoons, but additional sessions may be available at times - please ensure kit is in school at all times.


Homework will usually be set on Monday or Tuesday, to be returned, completed, the following Monday. This allows 5 evenings and 2 full days over the weekend for homework to be completed. This enables busy children to plan some free time to set aside to complete homework tasks.


Routinely it will include:

regular reading throughout the week and over the weekend - to be recorded in the home/school reading record book;


times tables - to practise the ones which are still tricky; once proficient, to rehearse the inverse division facts; once proficient with division facts to practise higher multiples in order to apply mathematical thinking e.g. 32 x 7 = 10x7=? plus 10x7=? plus 10x7=? plus 2x7=? the sum of which will give you 32x7;


as well as completing all elements of the tailored spelling sheets - these are comprised from an initial assessment of your child's strengths and weaknesses, plus 2 topic words and two grammar based spellings from work carried out in class, or from observations in your child's independent writing.


Additional homework will be set via CGP books: one English and one Maths task - the pages to be completed will be circled on the contents page and dated so that you know the date (the next Monday) when the work is to be returned completed.

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