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Wecome to the news, homework and important information part of our page. Here you will find any letters that Year 1 staff send home with your child (incase they don't make it home) and any other information you may find useful.




The most important thing you can do at home with your child is read every day with them. Reading and phonics go hand in hand and directly impact each other so it is important that you are providing your child with a reading experience at home every night even if it is just for five minutes.

Reading experiences don’t always have to be your child reading to you, it could be you sharing a book with them and reading it, but still asking all the vital prediction and comprehension questions that you would if they were reading to you. I understand lives are getting busier now and that things crop up, but please find time for reading as it is such a vital life skill and the earlier they develop their comprehension and reading skills the more they can access in the future. I can not stress how important reading is, especially at their age as it impacts their phonics, writing and all other aspects of the curriculum.



Please find below the letters the Year 1 team have sent home regarding things happening in Year 1 this year.




Your child may have already told you about our class giraffe named George. Every child in Year 1 will have the opportunity to take George home (Friday-Monday) and look after him, they will then need to write, draw or take photographs of George's adventures with them and put it in his diary. The diary entry for that week will be shared by your child on the day they return George to the class. We look forward to hearing all about George's marvellous adventures with you! 

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