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Christmas Homework

Merry Christmas!  laugh


I have set a few tasks for you to complete during the Christmas Holidays... 


1) Reading comprehension task 

2) Times table Rocks Stars 

3) CGP books / Spellings  


But I would LOVE for the class to spend as much time doing fun activities and relaxing, such as playing board games, watching films and being ready to return refreshed for the new term! wink



Christmas Advert - John Lewis Christmas 2014

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 #MontyThePenguin

Watch all of the clip, then answer these questions (it does not need to be recorded/written, an discussion is fine!).  

You can replay and pause the clip as many times as you need... 


Pause after 16 seconds.

• How can you tell that the boy and Monty are friends?

• What do they do together?

• What does Monty do that penguins don’t normally do?

• How can we tell that Monty is happy?


Pause after 46 seconds.

• Is Monty a pet?

• In what ways is Monty treated like a pet? How does he behave like a pet?

• What other activities have they been seen doing together?

• How do others respond to Monty? Pause after 57 seconds?

• In what ways does the boy care for the penguin?

• If he were to write a text about caring for a penguin, what important things do you think he would mention?

• In what ways is Monty treated like a human rather than an animal?


Pause after 1m 23s.

• What has Monty started to notice? How do we know this?

• How do you think he feels about it?

• Watch the clip again from 58s to 1m 23s- Does the little boy realise how Monty feels?

• How does the little boy react to Monty’s feelings?

• What do you think he might do? Pause after 1m 40s- just after Monty’s present is revealed. • How does Monty feel? What does he do to show this?

• Why do you think the little boy has done this?


Play to the end of the clip.

• Did the ending surprise you?

• What do you think the boy’s mum felt about his gift?

• How do you think the little boy felt at the end?

• What gift do you think Monty would get for the boy? Why?

Extra task 


In your RED homework book,

write 'How to care for a penguin in your home


There is lots of things to consider, e.g. it's diet, how to make it comfortable in your home, what kind of exercise it needs, activities to help keep it entertained and facts you will need to know. 


Have fun with this, you may want to draw pictures/diagrams to go with it. 

Times Table Rock Stars


The Battle of the Bands - Wigston is still in full swing. 

Currently Thythorn is the school leading the way in 1st place. 

Thythorn's Year 4 class is in second place against Year 4s. 


I'd love for us to win, so log in, even if it's just 10minutes and ROCK ON!


Please email me if you need to know your child's login details!



The first week back we will be looking at the prefixes ‘in-’, ‘il-’, ‘im-’ and ‘ir-’











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