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Autumn Term 2: 27th - 29th October, 2021

Wednesday, 27th October, 2021

Are you ready to learn?

Have you had your breakfast, washed your hands and brushed your teeth?

Go to the bathroom and after that get yourself a drink.

Make sure you have pen and paper, possibly a dictionary to hand if you have one at home, and now do your home register! wink Is everybody there?

Are you ready to learn?

Let's begin!

Read your current school reading book for 20 minutes.

Then, click below:

It's break time!

Have 20 minutes of exercise, fresh air, relaxation and a snack if you have one.

Go to the toilet, wash your hands and then return ready to learn.


We are going to start maths with a warm-up: 'flashback learning.'

Can you also solve the roman numeral question?

How much do the letters represent numerically?


Then we will begin our main maths work.

We are learning about division in class.

Division: divide 4-digits by 1-digit

Is this question true or false? How do you know? 

Can you see any patterns, or can you spot something which might give you some clues?

What prior knowledge or facts might inform you decision?

What other skills do you need to help you solve this calculation?

It is important that you can explain why/why not you know the answer is true or false.

It's lunchtime already!

I hope you are having something healthy, nutritious and tasty!

Don't forget about our recent Now Press Play science/drama work where learnt about the 5 main food groups. Can you remember them all? Try to have at least one thing from each food group for a snack, for lunch or for tea. Can you remember the smallest food group we should only have a little of?

Whilst you have been off school, we have started learning about Electricity and Light in Science.

Have you done your research homework mentioned on the Year 6 webpage? Take a look.


When you have completed your research about a significant person from the past (there are several listed, but you may find someone else I have not mentioned) - someone who has been involved in discovering and creating the light bulb, take a look at this reading comprehension:

You can self-mark, or ask your adult at home to mark your work with you, as this will give you instant feedback about where you are correct or maybe where you have made a few errors.

Do your corrections straight away - this is where you will do the greatest learning!

Answers sheets have been provided. blush

Have a look on the Year 6 webpage and complete some of the homework tasks each evening.

A little and often will soon have it all completed! laugh

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